Tuesday, January 31, 2006

4 things meme- pushing it further

4 things I should be doing now instead of blogging
clarinet practice
endowment mis-selling claim
thank you letters for Christmas
filling dishwasher

4 people I wish I could see tomorrow
The Motorcyclist
Mis compadres (that is two)
Maggie- still miss you girl, nearly 17 years gone since you left us. Your blog would have been something else.

4 reasons to get up tomorrow
only two days till the Motorcyclist comes back
the sun might shine
our Sport and Fitness centre opening!

4 things I want to blog about soon
New York
Historically Black Colleges and Universities
My new camera, was it a bad idea?
Stone Paper Scissors

4 things I am not happy about:
this wireless network and its unreliability
not getting a chance to sleep long enough for several more days
the tension between eating sensibly and eating happily
endowment mis-selling!

4 reasons to stop now:
I'm tired
I want a cup of tea
I want to read my book
If I don't the network might crash again..

So far behind.. and now tagged too!
I have so many blog entries in my head and am so far from getting them posted! But DrJoolz's tag for the four things meme has got me going again.

4 places I have lived:


4 jobs I have had:
Potato sorter
Bookmaker's assistant

4 favourite movies
American Beauty
Lost in Translation
Grosse Point Blank

4 favourite TV shows
Holby City

4 favourite CDs
Roseanne Cash Rules of Travel
JJ Cale Special Edition
Cowboy Junkies The Trinity Session
Kirsty MacColl Tropical Brainstorm

4 places I have been on holiday
Greek Islands

Guess which this was:

4 things I like to do:

Watch TV

4 favourite books
Vanity Fair
Mary Plain!

4 websites I visit daily

4 bloggers to tag.. hmm, that is hard! Don't think I can do 4.. don't know enough bloggers! - but I tag
SimplyClare, Vic and Dr Rob!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Old and new again..
One night in Madeira we went to a 'folklore' restaurant for espetada which is of course steak cooked on long skewers and hung on your table on the big hooks you can see in the picture. And of course while you eat there is authentic local dancing.. this lady seemed to be in charge of the troupe and I think I would try to learn very quickly if I were one of her dancers.
There were also authentic musicians of course. I particularly like the hats.

But look over there.. who is that on the wall?

Yes, it is authentic Barbie.. in the bit of the restaurant used for local families to let their children have birthday parties. I would have gone nearer to get a better picture but that night I was using a crutch.. this was an outcome of the scariest walk ever which we did that day. But more of that later in the week..

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

And a question..

I am thinking of buying a new camera (digital SLR). My shortlist is this or this or this or - maybe- this. What should I get? I need to make my mind up as I have a chance to buy it next week when I am in the US and everyone says that is the cheapest thing to do. (Are they right?)

New and old

I am finally getting back into a productive mode- very slowly- after a nearly three week break from work. Not quite ready to do thoughtful blog entries so this week we will do a few 'what I did on my holidays' posts. This picture is the main Toyota showroom in the middle of Funchal and as you can see they have moved into a building that used to be something else but they have kept these amazing tiled panels on the outside. New generation Yaris, old generation showroom. Excellent.

Coming soon- my scariest ever walk.. but just to round off, a picture of Madeira's national flower. I just love the way these look so exactly like slightly anxious but very flighty birds. (The posh name is estrelicia I think but the everyday name is bird of paradise. I expect everyone else already knew that though.. )

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