Friday, December 15, 2006

Even harder to believe..
My friend with the shared fascination with dog accessories idly speculated in an email yesterday about dog wedding sites. I googled it. And yes, there are many.. like
the one with this picture:

Or this one recording the following event:

"A beautiful commitment ceremony between Pamela Anderson's two dogs was rudely interrupted when Ali G. star Sacha Baron Cohen--who is engaged to Wedding Crashers actress Isla Fisher--arrived uninvited at the event. "

And even more dresses here at My Faux Paws- made to measure- like this one:

This is a very strange world we live in..

Thursday, December 07, 2006

And moreover..

I have been pondering the issues of pet Advent Calendars. (These ones are from the RSPCA)

Assuming- and I think I am on safe ground here- that cats and dogs have no concept of Advent, aren't these a bit cruel? You train your pet, a creature of habit, to expect a daily treat for 24 or 25 days running, then suddenly there they are on Boxing Day looking up expectantly at you and there is no treat.. How do they make sense of that then? In what way is that preventing cruelty to animals, I wonder?

(But there are none at all for bears. Is that better or worse, this bear wants to know?)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Weird what can get me blogging again..

Over the past two months I have actually done quite a few cool things that I could have blogged about. I've even done a little bit of thinking. But finally today I am spurred to post by this site:
As you will see if you visit it, this site offers a small insight into the exciting world of pet accessories. I particularly like the range of accessories and jewellery.. some are helpfully described in terms of the size of dog for which they are best, or talk about how they are 'specially treated to prevent slippage and breakage'.

I should say that I was not clever enough to find this site on my own. A friend - who shall for now be nameless- has been sharing her collection of dog eccentricities for a while, and it came from her. But now I am inspired to look for more myself..

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