Thursday, May 01, 2008

Internet viruses..

A while back Simply Clare posted a very eloquent tale about her struggles to get a GP appointment for her nasty chest infection etc.. (and I really hope you are better now Clare).. I read the post and responded and now I am off sick too with a nasty virus.. too ill even to enjoy daytime television as a guilty pleasure, A Place in the Sun feels like reading Foucault, etc.. could this be a case of an internet virus?? ( I have to say that I was much luckier than Clare though. Our GP is actually accessible- I got an appointment the first day we asked (day 5 of being ill, now it is day 7). We couldn't actually phone for one as they have changed their phone number and I couldn't find the new number, but the Motorcyclist went round and as usual they were v helpful. This is no doubt the NHS Postcode lottery we hear so much about. The GP I saw though was less forthcoming than Simply Clare's but he did give me some antibiotics which normally I would resist but this time seemed a good idea.)

When I get my head back I want to post about a brilliant conference I went to recently and of course about our house in France watch this space..

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