Monday, July 31, 2006

Everyone seems to be going away. Either they have gone, like Dr Joolz and Dr Kate, or they are blogging about going, like Simply Clare. We are going away on Thursday to an internet-free zone in Burgundy where I notice the weather is just breaking after about 3 months of la canicule. . But recently we had a minibreak here: can you guess where it was?

As a clue it was about a half hour drive from here:

You have loads of time to guess till we get back. See you at the end of August!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Paperdoll Heaven
When we were at this conference - or maybe at this amazing seminar, last week was so mind blowing I can't remember, what with the amazing Victoria Carrington and Jackie Marsh, not to mention our SIG members who are just outstanding- we mentioned paper dolls and I promised I would blog this site. You can dress Elizabeth and Darcy, or Camilla our queen in waiting, or even David Beckham- who seems to have the biggest wardrobe of this group. Have fun playing till I get back with a proper post. See what happens with Elizabeth and Darcy when you try to swap their clothes over..

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