Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Just another manic Mary..
We have been very busy this week launching the bearpit's new status and visual identity (which is what we have to call logos now). On Monday we had champagne (okay, cava..) and cakes for the staff. Yesterday it was a launch lunch! for our VIP guests plus staff who volunteered to be hosts and some students too- Gervase Phinn came and said something funny and thoughtful as usual, unveiled the logo and cut the cake with a rather manic Mary with him:

Please note my careful colour co-ordination..
Tonight the students are having a party in the bar- they got lots of free pizza from Domino' pizza and we paid for their balloons and a disco I think. I popped over for a drink and they all seem very happy playing with the balloons. They gave me a balloon too!
Tomorrow we have a civic dinner given for us by the Mayor here and that should be very nice. I will have to be much better behaved than when we met the Sheriff of Nottingham though..
On Friday our lovely drama students are performing their Edinburgh production The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and we have pre-performance drinks, v posh.. and then on Monday ( we are celebrating the octave, a v Catholic thing to do - it just means eight days not a week) we have a service on the chapel with music from the different generations of the college and then more cake.. and the amazing thing is I get paid for this..

Sunday, October 01, 2006

A very sensible and sober evening in Nottingham

DrJoolz has posted a picture of a very serious grown-up evening we had in Nottingham. You might want to see another moment from the same event:

Joolz and Vic were just a tad tired and emotional. It had been a long day..

Hoping to resume normal service in the Bearpit soon..

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